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Guernsey Salsa Dancing

Guernsey Salsa Dancing - Dance Steps and Tips + Cuban Moves

Salsa's not just about knowing the steps:
"Your body's an orchestra and your feet are only one of the instruments!"  
1  Have Fun!  Relax and enjoy Salsa dancing, dance classes, atmosphere and Latin music.
2  Spend Time on the Basics -  Dance technique is so important. 
This will take your dancing to the next level because you can apply great technique to all of your dance turn patterns.

3  Private Dance Tuition - Taking private dance lessons will fine tune your leading or following, timing, style and over-all dance ability.  Private Dance lessons are money well spent, at least 1 is recommended, especially as a beginner.
4  Make Notes - after salsa dance classes and look at them regularly - especially before dance lessons, parties and Salsa Weekends.  
5  Practice Dancing at Home - you don't need a dance partner to do shines which are so important and arrange to meet up with fellow salseros who are keen to practice.  (Guernsey Salsa DVD available) 

4  Listen to Salsa Music - outside dance classes. Play salsa music in your car, when working out and at home. This will increase your knowledge of salsa rhythms, timing and creativity.

5  Completely Immerse yourself in the Salsa Scene - Go to Salsa Parties & Weekenders as often as possible to dance with many partners of all levels and watch others dance.   Watch instructional DVD's (ask Heidi for recommendations to suit you) and learn about the history of salsa.
6  Attend Dance Classes at the Level Below you as well - you will improve your technique, style, body movement, feel the music - and make even more friends, as well as enjoying helping others! 
Guernsey Salsa - Dance Class Moves

Cuban Salsa - Casino de Rueda

Cuban Salsa Rueda is danced in a circle with a caller shouting names of moves which everyone does at the same time.
Involves rotating partners and lots of laughs! 

Names + Leads to start some Cuban Salsa Dance Moves...

  (Men dance walking forwards, Ladies backwards)
Abajo  (Men dance walking backwards, except forward 1 on left, before reverse)
Taro  (Men lift up left hand and walk towards the new lady in front of them)
Dile Que No (Men forward 1 on left, replace, left foot to the side and pass lady across to your Left side, ending in open hold, ready for basic in the circle)

Dame Una (like 'Dile Que No' but with a new lady from your right)
Dame Dos  (skip a lady on your right, then take the next one)
Dos con Dos (add claps on 7,8)
Fly   (clap high away from partner on 1) 
Fly Doble   (double clap on 1 & 2)
Setenta  (left hand up, right down.  Keeping close to your partner as change places go back on alternative feet, starting left hand up as back on left foot, right hand up Waiter hold as back on right etc.  Keep tension in arms, a 'w' shape - don't straighten arms or you will be too far away to get back in time) 
Cubanita  (Enchufla then man in front, lady in front, overhead, Dile Que No) 
Enchufla (left hand out of circle, men must hook right behind on 5, then go to next partner)
Enchufla Doble (double, break lady so lady puts left arm up on 5, then enchufla to next partner)

Enchufla en Media  
(in the middle, then repeat following moves or until next new call)
Dos     (2 claps) 
Vuelto  (Turn) 
Mata la Cucaracha (Kill the cockroach)
Rosa    (Arms up - like a rose)
Manos  (Take hold of hands) 
Pasa    (Pass lady from right to left until call 'Dame') 
Dame uno to end

Enchufla con Clave

(Stamp on 1, clap 2, clap 3, simultaneous stamp and clap on 5, clap 6 1/2, clap 8)

Palma  (Clap palms away from partner)

Adios (Starts ballroom hold, men must hook right behind on 5, then go to next partner)  
Adios con Hermana (Adios, Enchufla, cross body-staying with partner) 
La Familia  (Adios, Enchufla, link arms, new partner) 

Ochentyuno (Move No 81! - Enchufla/Sacala/Over ladys head/CB)

Move + Festival (i.e. Adios or Enchufla) 
(Move 3 times clapping 1, after 1st, twice after 2nd and thrice after 3rd)

Guide to Cuban Salsa

Dance has long been an important part of rituals, celebrations and entertainment.

In Cuba, dance tells its own story. The passion and energy of Cuban dance reveals the strength and conviction of the Cuban people, determined to enjoy life despite the struggle of survival.

The richness of Cuban music and dancing also tells the story of Cuba's cultures.
Salsa dancing is in the blood of the Cuban people - as it can be in yours!

From the teenage girl in denim shorts to the cigar-seller on the street corner -
Cubans are given to break into spontaneous dance steps. 
In Cuba dancing is simply a way of life from a very young age.

The variety of Cuban dances...

Salsa is Spanish for sauce as the dance runs in and out of the music like a sauce runs in and out of its food - a melting pot of flavours.

Salsa dancing has now exploded in popularity all around the globe.

Tips for 'Cuban Salsa' dancing...

It sometimes appears that by some genetic aberration Cubans have been born with super flexible joints, defying physics, to carry out all the complex manoeuvres they have integrated into the dancing - but once you learn the technique you can do it too!

Cuban Salsa is easier to learn than many other forms of dance. The basic footwork is a fairly simple circular walking motion, pausing every fourth beat.

1 Relax
To dance Cuban Salsa well it is important not to rush, but to relax into the steps. Movements should be precise and deliberate in addition to being flowing and smooth.

2 Walk with Purpose
Couples walk around each other with an imaginary axis between them. This makes turns look smooth and effortless. Walking gives time to untangle your arms after each turn.

3 Have Confidence in your lead
The leader (usually the man) should have tension in his arms, while his hands guide his Salsa dancing partner around the floor. There is no need to clamp onto each others hands, only to use the right amount of tension to provide a leading signal.

4 Tension when leading and following
In order to follow well, ladies should try to match the tension of their partner. The exception to this is when arms need to be relaxed and flexible to complete arm-twisting Salsa moves without injury!

5 Keep Balanced when you spin
Learn technique of 'spotting' while you spin, focusing on one spot at each turn.

6 Use your whole body
Men learn to isolate your body parts so you use your whole body - just dont wiggle everything at the same time!
Ladies should make use of their body and be sensual and playful. This can involve some creative arm movements, going with what feels right and basically showing off a bit. Enjoy!

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