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Salsa Songs

Best Salsa Songs

The best salsa songs recommendations available on cd or as mp3 downloads online here so you can practice dancing at home - listen in the car, jogging, at work, in your sleep - till you
'Feel the music running through your veins' just like the Latinos...

Alex Wilson sings 'Show Me' one of the best salsa songs, from
Salsa con Soul album,

Rhythms del Mundo have a top classic mix of easy listening latin songs,
Salsa Songs 

DJ Lubi
always plays the best salsa songs - some great fast tracks,
100% Salsa album (pictured) is a best seller

Salsa Celtica Ive seen perform and met all the above, but this
Scottish Salsa Band really bought fire to the dance floor in a unique way!

Heavy Salsa Album - Micaela, fab song to dance to Son Ora Carroseles
 Best Salsa Songs

El Gran Combo - best salsa songs to dance to!

International Hots Hits Latinos
 has great Latinos Salsa Bachata Merengue Mixes

(Wouldnt bother with the original 'Beginners Guide to Salsa')


Top Salsa Songs

Top salsa songs are by latin singer and heart throb Marc Anthony married to Jennifer Lopez, he sang a duo with her in the movie 'Shall We Dance'
(he was previously married to Miss Universe!)

Marc Anthony, born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, has over 10 albums (aswell as 10 movies) to his name, and has won two Grammys and three Latin Grammys.

His top salsa songs are so emotional he makes my heart miss beats,
Marc Anthony never fails to fill the dance floor with fever!

Valio La Pena - One of my best salsa songs and albums recommendations
Amar Sin Mentiras another best, same songs, but slower romantic versions on this album


Download the Best Songs...
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Play clips of the CDs before you buy to be sure you love them and can dance to them!

You can order on CD or as mp3 downloads online so you can listen to your new
salsa music recommendations today...

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