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Merengue Songs

Merengue Songs will liven up any Latin Party and get all those hips wiggling!   Top Merengue Songs
Merengue Songs and Bachata originally came from the vibrant Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic - I discovered the best merengue songs, bachata and salsa by accident over 20 years ago - and when I did - I fell in love with the dancing and music - and stayed for two years dancing at least 12 hours a day - non stop!

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Top Merengue Songs

Merengue Songs are some of the easiest Salsa Songs to dance to and these recommended, top merengue songs, will really help you along - extremely contagious salsa music - Beware!

Elvis Crespo is one of my favourites, he sings the most famous
top merengue songs - Suavamente which is also the name of one of his
best merengue albums.

Mp3 Merengue download and cd link below...

 Merengue Songs

Best Merengue Songs

Juan Luis Guerra is another of the best, from Santo Domingo - The Capital of the Domincian Republic.  Juan Luis Guerra is one of the top internationally know Dominican Singers/Songwriters and his best Merengue songs are very unique with underlying Bachata, Afro/Pop latin music fusions.
(Top music, very interesting to dance to - but not always easy for beginners). 

His top songs in this order are Bachata Rosa, Burbujas de Amor, Bachata en Fukuoka, La Travesia, La Billirubina, Como Yo, Medicine for my Soul...

El Hermano Rosario
Merengue songs from El Hermano Rosario
 are fab to dance and listen to and very lively!

El Fin de Semana
 is one of the best Merengue songs, it means 'The Weekend' and they are singing all about what they are going to do and the fun they will have this weekend - and it includes dancing, beer, girlfriend and Boca Chica Beach! 

Ive printed some of the words to this top merengue song out below.
I will put spanish-english song translation in soon so you know what music you are dancing to to make it even more fun!

If youve attended my spanish class you will know a lot of the words, if not have a guess!

La Bomba is available on mp3 download - one of their top albums.

El Hermanos Rosario have released loads of CD's, best include Aura, La Historia Musical Album and El Disco de Oro (Gold Disc!) if your feeling extravagant!

Merengue Mixes
Mp3 Merengue Download best songs album with great variety of dance songs including fab
Merengue Mixes and Merengue Remixes 'DJs Only - 100 Latin Hits' (Mambo, Salsa, Samba, Reggaeton, Merengue, Cumbia, Flamenco, Latin Jaxx and more)

Mp3 Merengue download called 
'Latin Music - Zumba, Salsa, Samba, Merengue'

Download Mp3 Merengue Mixes + Bachata and latin - 'International Hot... Hits...Latinos'
Some great mixes and remixes, several albums, all recommended, especially the latest.
Its well worth to mp3 download the whole album, so many top latin hits on it. 


Mp3 Merengue

Mp3 Merengue download or CD on most of the songs recommended below...  Mp3 Merengue

Listen to the songs mp3 samples before you buy by clicking on left side arrow - if you go to
'Merengue - mp3 download' section rather than Music section.  nb you dont need to download the mp3 download to download Merengue mp3 songs  - there is an option without the download if you prefer...


Merengue mp3 Download 
Proyecto Uno - Loads of top lively albums, fab to dance to!
Remixes are great and El Tiburon (the shark) is a fun classic thats been remixed!

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Merengue Songs

Best Merengue Songs Choice - Fin de Semana by Los Hermanos Rosario
(The Rosario Brothers) from The Dominican Republic... some of the words from the song...

En el fin de semana
Quiero bailar
En el fin de semana
Quiero gozar

Ayyyy vamonos

Despues una semana
Buscandome la vida
Yo me voy pa' la esquina
Porque quiero gozar

Me monto en mi carrito
Y me voy al car wash
Lo pongo brillosito
Pa' salir a figurear(bis)

Luego regreso a casa
Y le digo a mi vieja
Preparame la ropa
Que me mejor me queda

Voy al telefonito
Y llamo a mi negrita
Paso por ti a las 8
Mi morenita

Yo bebo mi cerveza
Bebo mi ron
Me voy pa' boca chica

Y malecon

En fin de semana
Uh, uh, uh, uh,

En fin semana
viernes por noche
Voy a discoteca
sabado yo sigo
Rumba y fiesta


...Vamonos rumba
Con este swing, swing
Paso eh.....