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Magnet Jewellery Guernsey


When I first discovered Energetix Magnet Jewellery, I fell in love with it! 

I thought the Energetix Magnetic Jewellery collection was so gorgeous and affordable, if their magnets work then that will be a bonus - but I was very pleasantly suprised with the extra energy I had, especially the way I woke up in the mornings - earlier and keener than normal!

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery has approx 1,000 magnetic products to choose from.

Try to help improve Wellbeing, Strength, Stamina and Balance, Speed Up Muscle and Cell Recovery and Boost Metabolism, Circulation and Detox.

Ideal to wear for Salsa Classes and especially Salsa Weekends!


Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey

Heidis Well Being - Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey Market Stalls are held most weekends. 

Come along to try - see if you notice the difference the second you put a piece of Energetix Magnetic Jewellery on - its different to most magnetic jewellery in Guernsey!

See Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey 
or order Energetix Jewellery online
 Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey
            Energetix Magnetic Jewellery

Energetix Magnet Jewellery


When I started sharing Energetix Magnet Jewellery in Guernsey on my Well Being World Guernsey Stalls and with my friends, I was even more surprised.

In just the first few months I had 100's of happy Guernsey customers coming back for more Energetix Magnetic Jewellery and Magnet Products.  Many bringing their friends and family, with faith Energetix magnet therapy will help ease their aches and pains aswell.

Many Guernsey residents have found fast, natural pain relief after decades, some within minutes, many within hours, although sometimes longer Energetix magnet jewellery often seems to help pain, reduce swelling, detox and give more energy in approx 90% of people!

Energetix Magnet Jewellery in Guernsey has proved to help a huge variety of conditions, for men, women, children, pets, especially effective as natural pain relief arthritis treatment

Where can I buy Energetix Magnetic Jewellery?

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Online Webshop
with prompt secure world wide despatch -
come and see me, try on & ask advice at one of my...

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey Stalls
(in Guernsey, Jersey & UK)

Host Magnet Jewellery Parties and receive
Free Energetix Magnet Jewellery as a Thank You for being a Magnet Jewellery Party Host!
Magnetic Jewellery 

Pet Magnet Jewellery

Energetix Pet Magnet Jewellery offers cute Magnet Dogs Bones, Cats Magnet Paws and magnet Horse Shoe Accessories.

Energetix pet magnet jewellery goes through pet collars, and may help with arthritis, rheumatism, reducing swelling, calming etc - aswell as a large pet magnet pebble to go in drinking water.

Also extended matching Energetix pet magnet jewellery for animal lovers!

Magnet Jewellery Guernsey


Energetix Magnet Jewellery - Guernsey Stall Dates 

Ive moved the Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey & Gibraltar Stall Dates to - Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey

Heidi runs regular Guernsey Well Being World stalls.
Come along to ask advice, collect orders, or
receive Free Magnetic Jewellery by booking Your own
Energetix Magnet Jewellery Party in Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar or UK.

Kevin Costner Energetix Catalogue Special Offers!

Swarovski Crystal Energetix
 Magnetic & Gorgeous Coloured Rings only £26 -
Matching Pendants £22 & £26, matching Ear-rings + Childrens Magnetic Jewellery on special ideal for Pressies -
Book an Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Party now!

2017 Catalogue just released!
New display of Mens, Ladies, Children, Sports, Pet and Wellness magnet range.

Kevin Costner, Ronan Keating, Katie Melua modelled
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery 2017 Catalogues now Online!

Charity Fayres -
Let me know if you would like me to come along and donate to chosen Charity with a Guernsey Magnetic Jewellery and Well Being Info Stall or Party.

Energetix Magnet Jewellery - Business Opportunity?

I now need Energetix Distributors in Guernsey, Ireland, UK, Gibraltar & Spain.
Receive a FREE Magnetic Pendant if you connect me with a Distributor that does well!

Hours to suit, ideal for Home Parties, Market Stalls, Charity Events, Beauty Salons etc, once they see the stylish magnetic jewellery and feel the difference (usually within seconds) of wearing it everyone wants to own a piece (or 2 or 3, or 10!)

Energetix Magnet Jewellery in Guernsey sells itself, as you probably already know!

For more info contact  
Nows an ideal time of Year - Energize, Detox & Boost Immune System + great Xmas Presents for all the family!

Other Energetix Magnet Products include...
Magnetic Massage Tools & Magnetic Palm Stones, popular with complementary therapists
Magnetic Cocktail Sticks - which magnetize & make water or wine taste nicer!

Nutritious Anti-Oxidant 'Power Drink' with Acai, Cranberry and Red Grape -
caffeine free and packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants
(immunity system boosters)

Energetix Magnet Jewellery - Jersey (Channel Islands)
Up and Above, 50 Don Street - Vivien and her friendly staff will be pleased to help with your Energetix Magnetic Jewellery requirements and are now keeping a variety of stock.


Magnet Jewellery - Parties

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