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Learn Spanish - Guernsey

Learn Spanish classes and private tuition in Guernsey + Learn Spanish online via skype with Heidi Almonte, ISTD

Learning Spanish in Guernsey

Learning Spanish is fun and can really compliment your
Latin or Spanish Salsa holiday!

Heidi Almonte teaches small spanish classes and private tuition with fun spanish lessons with both mainland Spain and latin dialects.

Heidi took her qualifications based on the dialect from Spain, which she visited every year from a very young age, her parents have also lived in Spain for over 20 years.

She progressed whilst on an extended salsa holiday (2 weeks turned into 2 years in the Dominican Republic) and then married a latino, so the latin dialect is her speciality, ideal if you are taking a holiday to South America, Cuba and many other Carribbean Islands.

 Learn Spanish Guernsey
   Heidi Almonte, ISTD

Spanish Lessons - Guernsey

Guernsey English-Spanish Lessons concentrate on useful words and phrases that you can use when holding basic conversations in Spain (rather than many complicated tenses).

Extremely useful when meeting people - including asking directions, days, times, how to order drinks and food in restaurants and, of course, ask someone to dance!  

Heidi has also devised a one hour lesson concentrating on translating popular latin songs so you know what you are dancing to, which helps you learn to express the songs and enjoy salsa dancing even more!

Spanish lessons in Guernsey and
 private tuition available days, evenings and weekends for adults and children.  Learn Spanish Lessons via skype, online also available.

Spanish Courses - Guernsey

6 Week Spanish Courses are only held a few times a year - so please book
language courses well in advance.  A course is planned starting this month.

Spanish Tutor - Guernsey
For tuition, spanish translation, and more details on classes and courses to
learn to Speak Spanish, private tuition and spanish classes, for Spanish to learn English, to learn to dance Salsa and Latin and also learn reiki healing - a teacher of many talents -

contact tutor Heidi Almonte  
Call Heidi on (01481) 722 798 or by email
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