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Jive in Guernsey (and LeRoc) - Jive Dancing is a fun and energetic latin dance.
Jive dancing is one of the 5 International Latin Dances.

Jive - Guernsey Salsa Teacher, Heidi Almonte, ISTD is qualified to teach Ballroom and Latin Dancing 2017-2018 including Jive and LeRoc 'Learn to Dance in a Day Guernsey' -
Learn to Dance in a Day!

Learn to Dance in a Day - Guernsey

Learn to Dance in a Day in Guernsey - Contact Heidi -

Jive Classes
 in Guernsey 2017

Jive Dance classes will be for Beginners, an Improvers Class + a
LeRoc 'Learn to Dance in a Day Guernsey'

Guernsey Salsa Dance classes are based on Latin Jive or LeRoc 
(rather than ceroc or swing jive)

Guernsey - Dance Classes

 Jive Guernsey
Heidi Almonte, ISTD
Liberation Day Carnival

Register your Jive (Guernsey) or LeRoc Learn to Dance in a Day (Guernsey) interest with Heidi headed -

'Guernsey Jive Classes' or 'Learn to Dance in a Day! -  

Contact Heidi about dance classes, private lessons, hen parties, dance parties, events etc

Dance Classes

Meanwhile, enjoy the Salsa Dance Classes on offer with Heidi Almonte, ISTD

Heidi Almonte, ISTD Teacher for Jive Dance Classes in Guernsey

Heidi is a highly experienced
 professional, who has been a qualified dance teacher of Jive (Modern Ballroom and Latin American) for over 30 years. 

Regularly taught latin dance classes in Guernsey most week day nights for the last ten years, aswell as organising adults and childrens parties, corporate events and
salsa weekends.

Heidi does not have the ceroc franchaise - but is sure you will love her fun and friendly
Jive and other dance classes - singles and couples of all ages are made

Email for more info

What to Wear - Jive Guernsey Dance Classes
When dancing Jive in Guernsey or Gibraltar wear cool comfortable clothing that you can lift your arms in easily.

Smooth bottomed shoes rather than trainers.  Heels are OK provided ankle is supported.

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Improves strength, stamina, co-ordination and balance -
Helps aches and pains when dancing Jive in Guernsey...

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