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Burlesque Dancing Lessons

Burlesque Dancing Lessons 2017 are Fun, Promote Glamour and Tone Up Your Body - a Fab empowering way to Get Fit, Boost Your Confidence and Metabolism - aswell as a Valuable Dance Life Skill! 

Burlesque Dancing Lessons, Private Dance Tuition femininity, posture etc aswell as latin dancing in Guernsey Hen Parties (+ online Burlesque dance lessons via skype)

Burlesque Dancing Classes


Burlesque Dancing Lessons

Burlesque Dancing Classes will start with
Warm up exercises to loosen and tone you up.

Then you will learn to walk sexy, i
mprove your posture, practice body rolls and hip movements.

Dance using your arms, hands and fingers to feel Sexier -
along with a chair...

Then learn easy choreography to a famous sexy song!

Dont Worry!
Burlesque Dancing lessons are all above board - not a striptease (apart from removing a blouse, shoes and gloves - and you can use imaginery ones if you prefer!)

Burlesque dancing lessons are about looking and feeling Wonderful for You, to improve confidence with your dance movements and definitely about having fun!

Small Burlesque Dance Classes
Guernsey Salsa offers small personal Burlesque Dance Classes with individual attention, in a private setting, where you will feel comfortable in Guernsey. 

Burlesque Dance Classes - 2 Weeks x 1 hour in January 2018

Book asap as numbers are very limited on each Dance Course.
Private Burlesque Dancing Lessons (Latin, Ballroom Dancing or Get Fit Dance Exercise)
£39 per hour (£19.50 x 2 students, or £12 each x 3 or 4 students)
Slots Tuesday daytime or Wednesday (Thursdays) pm/eves - Book early as often fully booked in advance.

Burlesque Dancing Lessons

Guernsey Burlesque Dancing Beginners 2 Week Course

Dance Classes 2018  -  email Heidi

Venue to be confirmed on booking (in or near Town)

What to Wear
Its just an intro, so you dont need fancy dress at this stage, unless you really want to!

 Burlesque Dance Lessons
Cool comfortable clothes you can move your arms and legs in easily.

High Heels if you are comfortable dancing in them, a pair of slip off shoes and a button up blouse (silk if possible to shimmy off your shoulders easier).

Burlesque Dancing Clothing

Burlesque Dancing Clothing @ Cockadoodle, Guernsey-Mill Street

Gallery Magazine featured Cockadoodle Burlesque Clothing...

Burlesque Dancing Lessons 


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To Book Guernsey burlesque Dancing Lessons... 

Contact Heidi to book or if you would like to be notified when next Burlesque, Can Can Show (Full Monty for men) Course is released - email Heidi 

Please send cheques asap - enclosing contact details, 
to guarantee your place and so I can advise when it is sold out.

Cheque payable to Heidi Almonte, Misty Isles, 47 St Georges Esp, St Peter Port,
Guernsey, GY1  2BE

2 Week Intro Course is £29.00 - with individual tuition in a small private class!
Burlesque Dance Lessons Online
Burlesque Dance lessons online (skype link), also for Posture, Full Monty, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Latin American and Ballroom Dancing as singles or couples.

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